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An Inspirational & Aspirational Brand

Cartoons with a cause... to make you smile...

Los Kitos... A Brand Of It's Own

Created by Martha Montoya, Los Kitos comes from a cartoon strip named after the Spanish term “muñequitos” or little dolls. Los Kitos’ roots in the U.S. Hispanic culture give a unique perspective to build upon in today’s changing U.S. Maketplace. 


The comic strip, which features colorful, animated characters - including a pig, mouse, sun and dog - was first published in 1995 by Spanish daily La Opinion in Los Angeles. 


With universal appeal, the comic now ran in over 375 newspapers around the world. It was syndicated by Tribune Media Services. 

Providing Inspirational Messages in a Whimsical Yet Serious Way

Los Kitos.png

With much success in developing in Los Kitos Brand, the comic has been licensed on produce, cookies, Ice Cream, shoes and children’s apparel in major national retail chains. 

Los Kitos Further Connect the Hispanic Community!

The exponential growth of the Hispanic community demands brands to reach this audience at an early age. Anchored in strong family ties, deep-rooted in religion and generational strength, Hispanic children are their family’s ambassadors. They are early English speakers, adaptors of associated brands, and they bridge the gap from the past to the future.  


Los Kitos’ characters emotionally connect with Hispanic children through positive messaging, allowing Hispanic children to share positive values with their parents.

Linking the past heritage of the Hispanic community through: 

–Uplifting, positive, inspirational messaging

–Speaking directly through positive character expressions

–Link to Hispanic leadership that is well recognized in a larger audience.

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