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Cartoons with a cause... to make you smile...

Los Kitos… A Story Of Inspiration And Triumph

Los Kitos were born as an idea of an 8 year old girl who was fortunate enough to live between two worlds in an upper class family that ran schools and a university for the working class in her native country of Colombia.

After beating a childhood illness and being in and out of hospitals, Martha became passionate about visiting the poor and sick with her story of Inspiration and Triumph through her characters, Los Kitos.


Los Kitos, or "muñequitos" little dolls became an a form that carried this key message.

Los Kitos.png

Providing Inspirational Messages in a Whimsical Yet Serious Way

During her formative years, she became an English and Chemistry teacher and applied her Los Kitos characters to difficult subjects such as Chemistry and soon began to create edu-comics for her students and their parents. She saw the demand and value for beloved characters from thousands of student and parents.

Today, Los Kitos delivers it´s core message to the multicultural community and are utilized in edu-entertainment campaigns by corporations in various categories such as bank services, guides to insurances and hospitals, school nutrition programs and even special White House initiatives.

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