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Martha’s career started during her childhood when she became very ill and was in and out of hospitals. It was during these periods when she created the cartoon characters that became her friends and helped her develop a sense of social awareness.  After her illness she spent all her vacations and free time visiting poor and sick people with a Catholic group by the name of “Legion de Maria” in Medellin further developing her characters while studying the Encíclicas Papales and helping her parents run the school and universities they owned and served the working classes.  At this time, she became very aware of the different socio-economic levels of our modern societies and decided that her life will embrace social impact. During her upbringing, teachers and students alike constantly surrounded her. Her daily life in a “Teacher’s Home” enabled her to experience first-hand, and through her mother, the issues parents had to deal with in a day-to-day basis and made her very mature for her age, as she embarked as a Chemistry, Biology and English teacher for young and adult students. Yet it was her mother “geek” mentality, ahead of her time that tailored her and her brothers life as she brought the first computer system to a school in her city and a full fledge department in the 70’s among many other areas.

As Martha embarked on her 28+ years of worldwide food/agricultural and supply chain career traveling while setting up production lines and delivering projects in over 4 continents, she dealt with both small farmers and industrial size stakeholders, suppliers, government entities and sophisticated buyers, she carried the mantra that all products come from nature and from hardworking farmers and farm laborers therefore her work always included social impact programs such as government finance programs for women farmers in Mexico; bank low interest credit program in California for small minority organic farmers and many more.


Today Martha leads Agtools a Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence award winner, a SaaS and entrerprise global food & agricultural financial intelligence data of Specialty Crops – fruits, vegetables, nuts, herbs and plants - offering trusted official data from around the world, in real-time for farmers and specially buyers. Agtools 500 commodities datasets moving at a billion transactions per second helps manage market volatility, increase profitability, reduce the world’s food waste and CO2, SO2 footprint. The solution levels the plain field, so everyone on the supply ecosystem can focus on maintaining our farming communities healthy for positive social impact on the ground!

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